Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Paperwhites and Hyacinth...

My garden once again is covered with a layer of snow. This time the snow is only about an inch deep. It is topped with ice so when I walk on it, the snow crunches. I do like the way it looks like icing on my stone wall.

Yesterday, it was falling in snow flakes. I love snow flakes. They are so exquisite, so amazing. So tiny and so intricate.

I've been growing Paperwhites (Narcissus 'Ziva') in my laundry room. Their scent is wonderful! Wouldn't it be cool if the fragrance from the Paperwhites would drift into my dryer and make my clothes smell like Paperwhites?

I found the bulbs discounted a few weeks ago and couldn't resist the temptation. I used some of the gravel from my path to fill jars and stuck the bulbs on top. I like to see their roots growing.

Behind the blooms is the new curtain I made for my laundry room window. It's just a simple muslin panel hung on small clip-on cafe rings. I'm pleased with it. And it makes a lovely picture with my Paperwhites.

I'll plant them outside once it warms up (if it ever does! Ha!), even though I haven't been able to get Paperwhites to naturalize here. Maybe in a different location they will do better.

Yesterday at a grocery store, I found a Hyacinth on clearance. There were some mums, too, but the Hyacinth was/is fragrant, so it won out. It'll also get planted outside in the Spring. I've had success with Hyacinth so it should come back each year. It came in a little plastic pot inside of a terracotta cachepot. I put the little plastic pot inside of the blue and white ceramic pot, which I found a couple of years ago.

The plant had two blooming stems on it, but, as careful as I was, one of them got broken. (The poor plant was seriously wilted because it hadn't been watered; just put on sale.) However, the broken stem gave me permission to put it into a make-shift vase and enjoy its beauty and fragrance on my bedroom vanity.

Have a beautiful day!


sweetbay said...

Marvelous photo of the snowflakes! We mostly got sleet and freezing rain here.

I love the fragrance of paperwhites too but DH can't stand it. It seems people either love it or hate it.

Naturegirl said...

Ruth lovley winter pick me ups for those living with snowflakes!
I escaped to warmer climate and it is nice to see winter through your eyes!
Stay warm! from the desert..naturegirl

Kylee said...

Hi Ruth! I connected to you via Daricia. I DO hope you'll participate in the Conservatory World Tour! We'd love to see what's growing in your corner of the world!

Love the photo of the snowflakes! Aren't they amazing?

Happy growing!

Daricia said...

it is good to see you posting again, ruth! i took a holiday break, too, though a much longer one than i intended. these photos are really nice. i especially like the roots in the jar and that last one of the hyacinth. pretty quilt in the background!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!!

~ K ~

Anonymous said...

I love all the color. We were tempted by clearance bulbs and blooms today too! I think your nieces take after their flower-loving aunt...