Monday, November 30, 2009

Rose in the rain...

It is raining this morning. I looked out the window of the front door and saw rain drops on the “pond.” To the left of the front porch steps, Pink Gruss an Achen was blooming.

Originally, I had planted this rose in a large pot on one side of the front porch steps, with a matching pot and rose on the other side of the steps. It didn’t hold interest well enough all year to be a focal point, so I moved the roses into the beds on either side of the steps. I have been much happier with them there. I chose Pink Gruss an Achen because it would do well in partial shade and it is fragrant, which I think is important in a rose! I liked the pink color a little better than the original peachy color of Gruss an Achen.

When my younger daughter came in from feeding her dog and the cats, she commented that the rain wasn’t falling on leaves on the trees, but was falling on leaves on the ground and so it made a different sound. Her middle name is Rose. She is the one who renamed this particular rose “Miriam,” after Robin Hood’s lady friend. The matching rose on the other side is renamed “Alec,” because it seemed to fit.

Have a beautiful day!

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