Sunday, December 5, 2010


So, last night we were driving home from our friends' house and I was sorta looking out the window, but not really, and then all of a sudden, I realized that there was snow on the ground and on the trees. We were still about forty minutes away from home, heading north-east, so I could only imagine what we would find when we arrived home. Sure enough, we had snow, too!

Of course, this morning I (and Julie) had to go out and take pictures. Everything is so different in the snow. Cleaner and fresher. And the architectural-ness of plants and objects is emphasized by the whiting out of color.

I like my birdbath in the snow. But, then again, I like my birdbath all the time.

I do think color is important in the snow, though. For example, look how gorgeous the red hips of the Ballerina rose are in the snow. And I love seeing the Cardinals in the snow.

The white of the snow also shows off the blue of my treasured pot filled with Johnnies.

The Johnnies in a flowerbed have been all but covered in the snow. But don't you just love the blue and white together?

Have a beautiful day!


Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

The pictures of your snowy garden are beautiful! The rose hips are stunning! I hope all your plants will survive!

Anonymous said...

Yay for snow!!

~ K ~

Anne said...

How beautiful!! The contrast between the snow and the rose hips is incredibly striking! I think that cardinals in the winter are truly a gift from God ~ they are so bright and beautiful against the seemingly endless grayness. :)

Pam's English Garden said...

Dear Ruth, I just love the picture of the rose hips in the snow. And, yes, your blue pot, too. Stay warm! P. x

Daricia said...

i'm so envious of your snow! we got a few flakes and some sleet but no accumulation. i think i like the red berry photo best...the contrast is so nice!