Friday, December 10, 2010

Warm and cozy...

Most of the year I am drawn to blue. (As if you couldn't tell.) But when December comes, I crave red. There really is not a lot in my garden to give me red. A few rose hips here and there. Maybe the leaves of a Nandina. And, of course, the Cardinals. Perhaps I should plant a holly bush.

Usually I have a blue toile tablecloth on my table and I like that very much. But when Winter comes, blue becomes a little more cold than peaceful, so I pull out my red toile tablecloth to make things seem cozier.

My sister gave me the variegated Hoya. It is so nice to think of her when I see this plant. The pot and saucer were also given to me. Normally the Hoya resides in my laundry room, but I think it needs to be on my table for now.

Julie gave me the little pitcher with the poem on it. It reads:

When this you see, remember me
And bear me in your mind;
Let all the World say what they will
Speak of me as you find.

Hmmm. Even with the red tablecloth, I still can't keep away from blue, can I?

Have a beautiful day!


Jennifer said...

girl, you need some red-twig dogwood for a shot of winter red! And a red camellia!

Anne said...

Your red toile looks so beautiful and cheery ~ especially with special reminders of how loved you are! :)

Ruth said...

Jennifer, I would LOVE to have red-twig dogwoods! I think they are gorgeous. And the red camellia is an excellent suggestions as well. I have a pink one; I'll have to see about a red one.

Anne - Thank you! :)

sweetbay said...

Winterberry is really showy if you have a spot that stays damp.