Sunday, February 13, 2011

Today in the Garden...

One afternoon last week, Kirstin took this picture of the house as she came home from college. I like how much blue there is. Doesn't Princess make a nice addition to the steps? Today was a wonderful day for working outside so I cleaned up the bed to the right of the the steps, as you are facing the porch.

There are all kinds of pretty green things poking their heads up out of the soil. I am sooo happy to see them! I've got a number of blue Hyacinths in this bed. The Hyacinths in the bed on the other side of the steps are pink.

The rose bush, Pink Gruss An Achen, has teeny tiny little bitty red leaf buds on it. I pruned it and cleaned up around it. I won't prune most of my roses just yet, but this is the warmest spot in my garden. The Iris is coming up and so are some Daffodils.

I haven't opened up my greenhouse for several months now. It has been way too cold. When I opened it up this afternoon, it was pretty hot in the greenhouse. I'll have to be careful that I don't cook the plants now that it is warming up. I think most of the plants survived.

Some of the plants that look brown and dead may not be. It's too early yet to start pruning them to check, but this plant obviously has plenty of green at its base. I'm so glad.

Here's something I didn't expect to see in the greenhouse. A tiny praying mantis. Actually, I saw a couple of them. There must have been an egg sac on one of the plants and, because it is warmer in the greenhouse, they were tricked into hatching early. I don't know how much they will find to eat in there.

I've saved the best for last. Look what I found today. It's a bud of my False Crocus. Julie and I were jubilant. Julie said, "Does that mean that it is Spring now?" I don't know, since it is a False Crocus. Even in its bud stage, we could detect a faint scent. Oh, I am so thrilled for my flowers to be returning.

Have a beautiful day!


Anne said...

How encouraging! Sometimes in the winter it seems as if spring will never come, but it always does. :)

scottweberpdx said...

That little matis is so cute!