Saturday, February 26, 2011

A beautiful morning...

It was so lovely outside this morning. I let my chickens outside their pen to "free range" and then I poked around my garden to see what was happening. The chickens tend to follow us and when Kirstin came outside, Tiger and the chickens all congregated at her feet, eying one another.

My camellia has its first bloom of the year. Its leaves get sunburned over Winter so they turn a coppery brown color. I need to fertilize the bush; I think its flowers are getting a little small.

Yellow crocuses are blooming. They are still in the container I put them in years ago, not knowing where else to put them. Hmmm. Will this be the year I put them in a bed? I just figured out where they need to go: in the bed that I see when I look straight out the front door. That bed seriously needs Spring bulbs.

I'm looking forward to these blue Hyacinths opening up. Won't they be gorgeous?

The first daffodil. More will follow soon. They're very sunny.

One of my favorite sights: a cane break. 'Double Delight' is producing a new cane; may it bring me lots and lots of roses.

I love the new leaves of my 'Hyperion' daylily. Somehow they seem happy and energetic. I've got other daylilies coming up, too.

The chickens really liked scratching around my 'New Dawn' rose underneath the arbor. There is good soil there.

Thankfully they didn't damage these bulb tips coming up. What do you call it when you dig up bulbs, leaving some, of course, from a yard where no one lives? Well, that's what I did to get these. I'm not sure what they are, but the flowers are blue. Hmmm. I wonder why I was attracted to them?

I was so happy to see these little bitty green things in the ground. They are the new new growth of my yellow Salvia. My other yellow Salvia, the one with variegated leaves, is also coming up. And so are my ground Orchids. Oh, happy, happy, happy.

How do you like the little pink edge on the new leaves of my variegated Hydranga? I love this bush. I've put coffe grounds at its base hoping for blue flowers this year. But, really, I grow this particular Hydrangea for its wonderful leaves.

A male Cardinal was sitting high up in the branches of the Laurel Oak. And singing. Look at that (Carolina) blue sky. It was just that kind of day.

Tiger was helping himself to a drink of water. He looked up when I came over to take his picture. (Please tell me that you have an unruly stack of pots and containers in your garden, too.)

Guess what else I discovered. Before too long we will have something yummy from the garden to eat. Even though Julie was sure I had killed it, my Rhubarb is coming up. I'm thrilled.

There is something very, very beautiful in my greenhouse right now. You'll know what it is, so I'll just show it to you.

Have a beautiful day!
P.S. There are froggies outside peeping and cro-aking!


Anonymous said...

I know you are thrilled with all the growing things around your house. :) Everything is still snow-covered here, which actually doesn't bother me...

~ K ~

Ruth said...

So, K, when's that baby coming? :) Thanks for your comment. I do love the new green things! :)

Anne said...

It's so exciting to see all the life emerging in your garden! Not much happening here yet, but soon.... :)

Anonymous said...

I wonder the same thing. When it's ready, I suppose. :)

~ K ~

Pam's English Garden said...

Dear Ruth, I love this cheery, spring-is-in-the-air post! Can't wait for the snow to leave here, so I can go outside and explore. P x