Saturday, April 19, 2014


Last Saturday, my younger daughter and I were sitting out at my table and chairs under the tree and she whispered, look up.  I looked and there was a hummingbird sitting in the tree!!!  I've never seen a hummingbird this early!  I usually see them starting about the middle of May.  The next day, Sunday, my daughter and I were looking out on the deck and a different hummingbird was checking out my native honeysuckle vine.  The vine has buds on it but no blooms yet.  Apparently, the hummingbird was looking to see if there were any flowers for it to eat from.  


Since there were obviously hummingbirds here,  I pulled out my hummingbird feeder and filled it and put it out.  I took Monday off from work and at one point I was sitting at my table and a little hummingbird came to my feeder!  Another hummingbird came and sat in the tree and then chased the little one away.  But then the little one came back.  I haven't been home and outside this week to see hummingbirds anymore, but I sure did like to see them those three days!


Have a beautiful day!

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