Saturday, August 1, 2015

A garden denizen...

Yesterday I discovered a garden denizen who was hanging out near my back steps.  Can you spot her?

It's been a few years since I've seen a Golden Garden Spider in my garden, but obviously they still live here!

I don't know where she's been up until this point, but she looks pretty healthy to me!  There are plenty of insects in my garden for her to eat.

Here's her belly.  I mentioned to my daughter that it was interesting that they hang they hang upside down.  She said, like Spider Man.  Hmmmm....

She was eating when I took the above picture.  I think she's pretty cool.  But she does make my skin crawl just a little!

If you get too close to a Golden Garden Spider and it feels threatened, it will start swinging its web to try to scare you away.  This one didn't seem to mind me taking pictures of her.  Maybe she knew that I like having her in my garden.

Have a beautiful day!

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