Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bloom Day September 2010...

So, here we are at another Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. Thank you to Carol at May Dreams Garden for hosting this monthly event. I'm starting with some Cypress Vine flowers. This particular vine is next to my front porch.

And this is another Cypress Vine flower, only it is white. (Duh.) You can see its feathery leaves as well as the cut leaves of the Cardinal Climber and the Morning Glory leaves which have little holes chewed in them.

The white Cypress Vine grows along the deck rail out the back door along with the Cardinal Climbers and Morning Glories shown below.

And here is a longer view of the railing.

Leading up to the back door is quite a jumble of plants. But a fairly pretty jumble, I would say.

'Ballerina' rose is part of the jumble.

As are tomatillos and Salvia guaranitica 'Argentina Skies'.

On the other side of the walk, Salvia guaranitica 'Black and Blue' is ever so lovely. And quite popular with the insects.

My collection of pots on the back deck is still looking good. Well, relatively.

I love to see the Rose of Sharon and the white Buddleia in Julie's white garden. Also in the picture is the last of the Sweet Autumn Clematis. It's fading now.

Speaking of white, my tiny Santa Barbara daisies (Erigeron karvinskianus) are hanging in there. They were transplanted a few months ago and so haven't quite yet made themselves at home, but they are producing some flowers.

I have some roses blooming, including Marie Daly, Jacques Cartier, Double Delight, and Betty Prior, as well as the unknown orange rose below.

And Molineux. Beautiful, beautiful Molineux. The photo really doesn't do it justice.

The front porch Impatiens are blooming again. It won't be too long before it will be time to put Johnnies on the front porch. You can also see Salvia Coccinea and a Cypress Vine.

My Buddleias are still blooming. And providing sustenance for the flutter-byes.

I love the way the different colors of Salvia coccinea have reseed themselves here. Not quite what I would have planned, but they are very pretty with the Variegated Lirope and its purple blooms.

These two Salvias make such a lovely vignette together. Yes, the pink one is Salvia coccinea. (If you don't know, "coccinea" means "scarlet".) And the blue is Salvia farinacea. Thanks for coming to visit my garden!

Have a beautiful day!


Pam's English Garden said...

Dear Ruth, So many gorgeous blooms in your garden yet. I love that unknown rose! Your pots on the deck are still looking great! Love, Pam

Anonymous said...

You have such lovely flowers!

~ K ~

scottweberpdx said...

So lovely! I agree with you on the 'Black & Blue', the hummingbirds seem to love it more than anything else in the garden. I only need to stand still for a few minutes and I'm almost guaranteed to see them darting around the flowers at some point.

RBell said...

Beautiful rose blooms - have always been partial to the yellow, orange or peach colors.

Ruth said...

Pam, K, Scott, and RBell - Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

Pam - given my neglect and the lack of rain, the flowers are doing pretty well! :)

K - I am glad you enjoy my flowers. :)

Scott - 'Black and Blue' is so wonderful. This fall, I'll be spreading it around my garden some more. Thanks for "following" me. :)

RBell - Thank you! The first roses I planted here were pink variations because I need roses that would take a little shade and they happened to be pink. I really love the way Molineux looks with the blue flowers I like to grow. And the unknown orange rose is a "pass-along." Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

sweetbay said...

Molineux is very beautiful. Such a lovely blend of colors.

Do you get ripe tomatillos? We haven't yet..