Friday, September 17, 2010


O.K., so I wandered outside to look at foliage, thinking maybe I would do a "Foliage Follow-up," as some garden bloggers do after Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.

I've taken plenty of pictures of my favorite foliages (yeh, I know "foliages" isn't a word) already, so I was looking for something different when I spied my Aloe vera plant.

This plant is at least 3 years old, maybe 4. (It's not hardy in this zone.) A couple of winters ago, I put it in my greenhouse (then a hoop greenhouse) for the winter. It died and I just left it in the greenhouse when spring came. The plastic on the greenhouse deteriorated and the dead Aloe got rained on. And then it started growing again! So, now I am a tad more careful with it.

Imagine my surprise - and chagrin, after my comments yesterday - when I saw something yellow in the pot and went to check it out. I found this sweet little reseeded Johnnie! I knew the little seedling was there, but I didn't expect it to bloom until spring. How delightful!

Have a beautiful day!


Pam's English Garden said...

Dear Ruth, What a lovely surprise! And your aloe vera looks very healthy. Do you still keep it in the greenhouse? Love, Pam x

Ruth said...

Hi, Pam, Last winter I brought the aloe in the house. I haven't decided yet what I'll do this winter. I'm considering putting it in the greenhouse and wrapping the pot in bubble wrap as added protection. I kept a eucalyptus that way last winter, so maybe I'll try it with the aloe. Thanks for stopping by! :)