Monday, September 20, 2010

Coral Bells...

Ah, well, this is new. A first, in fact, for Muscari Musings. Ruth, this blog's authoress, is remarkably busy, and no, she is not referring to herself in third person. This is her daughter, Julie. She has mentioned me from time to time, as I have a garden of my own.

Anyhow, as I was saying, she is very busy, so I offered to write her blog for her. And she let me do it.

She had already taken these lovely pictures of her Coral Bells with the evening sun gleaming on their beautiful leaves.

And I am glad that the post that I was given to write was of these, for they are much more my style, if you will, than her usual pictures.

Do not take me wrongly, dear reader, but I quite honestly am far more fond of leaves than of flowers. But, I like my dear mother's Coral Bells (They are Coral Bells Heuchera, if you wanted to know. ) very much, for their lovely leaves and for their little flowers.

The Coral Bells, they are such wonderful plants. And truly wonderful colors, green, red, almost burgundy, gray, and white. Their shape, also, is so very glorious.

And I believe that here in these pictures they are at their very best, with the sun shining on and through them, for, sunlight and leaves is one of my favorite things.

Have a beautiful day!


Pam's English Garden said...

Dear Ruth, How lovely that you and your daughter should collaborate on a post! This plant is a favorite of mine too. Pam x

Anne said...

Hi Julie! Great blog post!! :)

Daricia said...

nice post, julie! and i love the photos, ruth. julie, if you like foliage better than flowers, check out the blog "digging" and search for foliage follow-up day. bloggers from all over post links to their posts about foliage plants. lots of great coral bells these days - and their foliage is definitely better than their flowers!