Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Have you ever looked up the word “birdhouse” in a dictionary? Well, I did, and here is what I found: “an artificial nesting place for birds.” Huh. According to one book I have, birdhouses are the key to “How to Beat the Housing Shortage” for birds.

(Recycling, definitely!)

After I was given a couple of birdhouses yesterday, I started thinking about the bird houses that I already have. There are the 2 that I bought a couple of years ago, poles included, that are still waiting to get stood up. (Does that sound right?)

And then there is the one that my brother-in-law made. You think I have it hanging up? Nope. Not me. It’s another one of those projects on my massive to-do list. Send me a comment in a few months to check up on me and see if it’s up yet.

(Useful and beautiful glass stoop)

I decided not to procrastinate yesterday with my new ones, so I got out my handy dandy hammer and a couple of nails before I even took the new ones out of my van. Aren’t you so proud of me? Now, I don’t know if this will be their permanent abode, but at least the birds have a better chance of being able to use them here than if, say, I put my new ones in the storage shed with the one my brother-in-law gave me.

Then there is the birdhouse that the bluebirds have checked out a number of times and even used one year. It was already standing on the property when we moved here. I think the inscription on the door is charming. Do the bluebirds read, I wonder? Is that how they know they are supposed to nest there?

So, if you were a bird, which one of my “artificial nesting places” would you choose?

Have a beautiful day!


Julie said...

I like your birdhouses. But I personally would live in a tree, so I can't exactly chose which "artificial nesting place" I would live in. :)


Ruth said...


You would look lovely in a tree and it would suit you perfectly! :) Thank you for your beautiful comment!