Thursday, February 18, 2010

New rose leaves...

The rose bushes that are up against the house in a protected location are beginning to show new little leaves. So exciting! Ever since I started growing roses, I have enjoyed seeing them start to leaf out. Here in North Carolina, it means that the warmer weather and beauty of spring are not too far off.

{Rosa 'Marie Daly'}

But with my anticipation comes apprehension. I wonder what spring will bring for my roses. After having to dig out and burn 4 of my favorite bushes last year, I am afraid that more of my roses will show symptoms of Rose Rosette Disease as they start growing. There is nothing I can do except wait and see what happens. And hope that I won't have to destroy any more bushes.

{Rosa 'The Fairy'}

On a more cheerful note, my irises are digging themselves out of the snow. More and more of my plants are starting to grow once more as spring creeps ever closer. This is so encouraging to me as there were days and days when I thought I would never again see green.

And then there are cats. Just this morning, as I was uncovering a Campanula that had been buried by a cat doing its "business," I was thinking that the cats should get their own garden instead of messing in mine. I do, however, have to admit that they make a rather charming addition to the scenery.

Have a beautiful day!


Rihane said...

Nice to see the spring somewhere in the world.:-)
I don´t know the disease you have but a flower to grow beside the roses is tagetes. They "protect" them from a disease found in the ground by "absorbing" it.

My balcony is small just 4m2.(but I kind of not getting that. Planning the space for a big garden instead)

Ruth said...

Rihane, Rose Rosette Disease is spread by a microscopic mite that carries it from bush to bush. I have heard about tagetes to protect from certain diseases/pests, so I will have to check that out some more. Thanks!

Jennifer Frazier said...

I am a lover of roses too. I am amazed at how they bud and leaf out even in cold weather. They are tough cookies to be sure. I have a fondess for the old fashioned roses and have become quite good at propagating them. I hate you are battling disease but hopefully you will have no new outbreaks.

Ruth said...

Hi, Jennifer! Thank you for your comment! :) And thank you for "Following" my blog. I have sent you a couple of comments, but I don't know if you received them. I am glad you were able to plant your trees. The ground here is still too frozen and muddy.