Monday, February 1, 2010

Fifty-two weeks...

To begin with, much of Southern California does indeed have 52 weeks a year in which to garden and which I no longer have. I have found this very difficult to accept since moving here after living in a 52 week gardening zone. O.K. Now that I have said that, let me say that I love the book “52 Weeks in the California Garden.” Even though I no longer live in Southern California, I still go back to this book to read again some fact or recommendation.

(Wouldn't it be fun to color in the pansy?)

Robert Smaus has all kinds of gardening information to share. He does go week by week, starting in the fall, giving advice on everything from vegetables to roses to compost to weeds to garden design to watering. There are helpful charts and plenty of resources listed and cute little line drawings. Unfortunately, since this book was written over a decade ago, not all the businesses mentioned are still in business. But there remains plenty to be gleaned from “52 Weeks in the California Garden.”

I believe it was from this book (or at least this author) that I learned the very encouraging concept of “You have to kill a lot of plants to become a great gardener,” or something to that effect. I found that to be true as I gardened from year to year in California. I did in fact kill fewer and fewer plants over time. Unfortunately, I had to start all over in North Carolina and am still killing many plants. (Although, I don’t think it is all my fault.)

I have often wished for a similar book to help me through my gardening year here. Maybe one day I will write one. In the mean time, where ever you live, “52 Weeks in the California Garden” can be an inspiration.

Have a beautiful day!

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