Monday, February 22, 2010

Fish emulsion...

A plant's gotta eat, right? But what to do when the poor little thing is confined to a pot and can't go foraging? It just needs extra T.L.C.,* that's all. It runs out of nutrients and water so much more quickly than my plants in the ground. (*Tender Loving Care)

(Can you tell it rained today?)

One of my favorite things to do in my garden is to feed my plants. I like to use fish emulsion for many different plants. I even keep a measuring cup by my faucet for measuring it out. I guess some would say that the fish emulsion stinks, but I really don't mind it, because of its pleasant association with my garden. (Beside, I can't smell it right now anyway - I have a cold.)

The frozen soil in my pots is starting to thaw, finally releasing the roots of the plants. My Johnnies are looking rather winter-weary, so today I gave them some "fish." I take the pots that are on the porch off of the porch to water and/or feed them so water doesn't puddle on the porch. Those pots didn't freeze, but, even so, the Johnnies were looking like they could use a boost. And in a week or two, all my Johnnies in their various pots will have brighter leaves and more blooms on the way.

Have a beautiful day!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your cold. Hope you feel better soon!!

~ K ~

Rihane said...

Fish emulsion? I heard that seaweed is good for the plants but first time of fish emulsion. Googled on it and found a lot.

What a beatiful pot with pansys you got.
I agree that its nice to walk around the plants and give them water.

Anonymous said...

I tried fish emulsion once but I guess the cats were attracted to it and scratched in the soil. So I gave up on it. Glad to see that you must not have that problem.

Get well soon!

Ruth said...

Rihane, I also sometimes use a fertilizer that is a seaweed and fish emulsion mixture. Yes, I love my pots and my pansies/Johnny-Jump-Ups! They are so cheerful in the winter!

Ruth said...

K - I am gradually getting better - just not fast enough!

Ruth said...

Janice, Sometimes my cats will sniff around where I have used the "fish," but I haven't really had much problem with them digging in it. Well, not any worse than they already dig in my garden!