Wednesday, February 17, 2010


They knew. They knew I was a sucker for living, growing plants. And they didn't want to end up in pizza. Or guacamole. So they spent their time in the dark kitchen cupboard scheming and plotting. What was the strategy they came up with? They sprouted.

Their plan worked, too. Even though it is "o.k." to use sprouting garlic, I really truly don't have the heart to mince it or crush it. I feel as though I am destroying something; I feel so guilty.

Therefore, I bought a package of peat pots and hauled my bag of potting soil out of my laundry room. My bags of potting soil outside tend to get creepy-crawlies in them, so I keep a bag inside for potting plants that I will be growing indoors. You do keep potting soil in your laundry room, don't you?

It worked out so nicely that there were 22 pots and 21 cloves of garlic. Murphy didn't win out this time! "Repurposed" plastic containers make perfect deep saucers for the peat pots. Oh, and the extra pot will go on the kitchen window sill.

This project smelled so good. Separating the garlic released that wonderful garlicky fragrance. And I do love the aroma of potting soil. Ah, the simple pleasures of gardening - in the house - on a winter's morning.

Have a beautiful day!


Rihane said...

I´m not sure what happened to the comment I put on your previous post.
But anyway.
I love pansy´s and you inspiered me to put some garlic.

Julie said...

I love your little garlic plants! Guacamole would have been good, but I'm glad that you planted them; they are so pretty.


Anonymous said...

Let's see, 21 plants of garlic.... Does that put the guacamole party around September? Count me in!


Anonymous said...

Your blog post put me in mind. Can you imagine the potential gardens that must go to the land fill - trying desperately to grow inside all those grocery store bags of "bad" produce?!? Oh, the agony...