Sunday, February 28, 2010


Several years ago, I planted 4 rhubarb plants in 4 pots, since I didn't have soil prepared for them. One didn't last more than a year. But I've had 3 for a couple of years now. Last week I checked to see if any of my rhubarb plants were starting to show their red heads yet, and it looks as though only one plant has survived. A few days ago, when I bought my blackberry bushes, I also bought a couple of packages of rhubarb roots so I would have plenty of rhubarb. Even if rhubarb wasn't yummy to eat, it makes a pretty stunning perennial. Although, I have to admit these roots and shoots look rather shabby right now.

(Lock Ness Monster?)

I am planning to make a large round planter out of some of the stones I got such a great deal on. I think the large-leaved rhubarb growing out of this planter will make an excellent focal point. In the fall, I will probably plant Johnnies in the planter and in the spring, I am thinking of maybe growing bush peas or runner beans to fill out the planter until the rhubarb takes over. For now, though, I have rescued the roots from their green plastic bag prisons and put them into gallon nursery containers as they have already started to grow. Maybe in a few days, if it is not quite so chilly out, I will put them into the greenhouse until I get the planter built and it warms up enough for them to go into the ground.

Have a beautiful day!


Anonymous said...

I had no idea Rhubarb was a perennial! My grandma always did wonderful things with rhubarb. yum. Plus, I love the idea of growing things that can give sustenance. I will have to look at yous when we are up next to figure out where it would look pretty in my imaginary garden. :)


Daricia said...

hi! i'm enjoying your blog when i see my name! thanks for the mention. you got me curious about the edibility of cardamine after reading your post. i notice the peterson guide to edible plants lists 4 types of cadamine as salad greens but not hirsuta. i'm not sure why that would be. i can't imagine there would be something drastically different about hirsuta. maybe it just doesn't taste as good as the others. anyway, i'm glad to know someone else finds weeds interesting. i just like to know "who's" growing around me! btw, i'm a fan of flylady, too.