Thursday, February 4, 2010

Coleus II...

So, here is what this blog post could say (you have to imagine the sing-song voice): “I wanted more of this beautiful coleus plant so I rooted some cuttings. They have been growing beautifully on my window sill. Now I have planted them in beautiful containers using this beautiful potting soil. In the spring, they should grow beautifully outside in the shade. My, aren’t they beautiful.” But that sounded just so trite so I thought perhaps I should try something different.

Possibly I could talk about “You, too, Can Recycle Yogurt Containers.” Or maybe “1 of 1001 Uses for Potting Soil.” Or… “How to Get Out of Making Dinner (leave potting soil on the kitchen counter). Or… “Discussion of the Reproductive Habits of Shade Loving Coleus.” Hmmm. I think this could be getting a little out of hand.

Actually, I guess it is more like…. I am so sick and tired of winter. There is nothing I can do outside in the snowy, soggy, muddy ground so I am wandering around the house like a crazy woman, desperately searching for something fulfilling to do. (Like filling empty yogurt containers with dirt? There’s a life-goal for you.)

Well, I did enjoy potting my splashy coleus plants, anyway.

Have a beautiful day!


Anonymous said...

Which potting soil do you recommend for outdoor plants and which for starting vegetables from seed? Does the manure you mentioned in an earlier post play into this as well???

Looking for insight,

Julie said...

If you don't start being nicer to my mother, I'll stop reading your blog.