Friday, February 12, 2010

Winter cheer...

O.K. So I'm wondering… would you mind if we just go ahead and fast-forward the rest of winter? I mean, really, haven’t we seen enough of browness, greyness, snow, and cold? Aren’t you ready for spring, too?

What do you do to get through winter? Stay inside by a cozy fire? (I can’t really do that: no fireplace.) Make turkey pot-pie for dinner on a snowy evening? (Did that tonight.) How about a cheerful pot of flowers for your table? (Duh!)

I think fairy primroses are so enchanting. They are one of my favorite flowers. (Although, I confess, my list of favorite flowers must be miles long.) I went to New Garden Nursery this afternoon specifically to find a fairy primrose to adorn my table for the week-end. And, of course, this charming little plant will also help get me through another couple weeks of winter.

Have a beautiful day!


Rihane said...

Beatiful color on the Primula.
I love this flower, love the color

Rihane said...

You asked on my blog if "Balkansippa" (Anemone blanda) would grow were you live.
I don´t know about the zones in USA but my guess is that if primeroses work then "anemone blanda" works too.
Another nice blue flower that grows wild in the forests around here is
Anemone hepatica

Anonymous said...

If you use these for a centerpiece, does that mean they do not have a scent? Some primulas smell heavenly, but I would not want that on my dining table.