Sunday, January 3, 2010

Very cold..

O.K., so it is cold here! I know, I know, it is much colder other places and I shouldn’t complain. Well, I am not complaining exactly. Simply stating a fact. For a girl from Southern California, it is cold.

Pots are huddled together, hoping to keep a little warmer that way.

The roses that have yet to be planted (if Rose Rosette Disease doesn’t get them) are tucked in larger container with leaves surrounding them like blankets, to hopeful help a little against the cold. It should be a tiny bit warmer for them against the house.

When I went to feed and water the chickens, there was ice on the top of their water. No surprise. But I found it interesting that they had pecked a hole in the ice to reach the water. Smart chickens. When I poured out the water, I discovered the most amazing ice structures. Stalactites of ice had formed under the sheet of ice. It was so incredible!

Ice had drawn amazing picture in muddy puddles. What creates the swirly whiteness of this ice? And look at the crystals made by the freezing mud.

My poor little Johnnies in my pumpkin pot sure look sad in the freezing air.

But thankfully not all of my Johnnies are frozen. This is why I plant them, so they can carry me through days like this.

Have a beautiful day!

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Anonymous said...

Did the Johnnies in the pumpkin pot actually freeze? Or will they bounce back when it warms up the tiny bit it is supposed to today?

~ K ~