Friday, January 8, 2010

Colors of Winter...

It is too cold to write. It is too cold to take pictures. But I am forging ahead any way. (I was just informed that if I was a sculptor, I could forge a head.) I braved the freezing temperatures and the frigid wind and ventured out to capture the colors of winter.

I think of winter as being a grey, colorless time of year. Except for my Johnnies, of course. But the past few days, I have been noticing subtle colors.

These are definitely not the bold, dashing colors of summer. Or even the sweet, enchanting colors of spring. They are wise, subdued colors, beckoning closer inspection.

The leaves of the Creeping Jenny trailing over the edge of an abandoned birdbath have bronzed.

Shifting shadow patterns have sun-burned the camellia's leaves.

One lone periwinkle bloom hangs on despite the cold.

The underside of the leaves of one of my coral bells shows an astonishing purple.

Sunlight glows through the new leaves of one of my pitcher plants.

Delight! Oh, delight! I was thrilled to discover a bud forming for a bloom to come in spring.

Have a beautiful day!

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