Friday, January 1, 2010


Today I hung the most beautiful calendar I have ever owned. For many years I have used the Easter Seals flower calendar and have been very pleased with it. Each month had a different flower and it showed the moon phases. It worked well on my kitchen wall.

For 2010 (can you believe it?), though, I thought I would look to see what else there was. When my sister came for Thanksgiving, and we had our shopping day together, it included looking at calendars because she was looking for one, too. We found this one.

Every month has an exquisite photograph, taken by Deborah Ory, of a beautiful flower arrangement., each with a flowing description of the flowers by Deborah Bishop.

A quote is included as well.

These pictures (which may well be illegal, but maybe they’ll forgive me because it is free advertising, right?) of the calendar simply do not do it justice. It will be a joy to look at each new month. And to know that my sister is looking at hers.

Have a beautiful day!

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