Sunday, January 17, 2010

Coming up...

Not too long after we moved here, I bought tulip bulbs and daffodil bulbs. I had read that the moles will eat the tulip bulbs, but not the daffodils and that if you plant tulip bulbs inside a ring of daffodils, it will deter the moles. So I tried it. I created an oblong circle of red tulips surrounded by two types of daffodils. That spring we had pretty red tulips and cheerful yellow daffodils. The next year, some tulip plants came up, but didn't bloom and the daffodils came up and did bloom. Then the next year, of course, no tulips. Not because of moles but because these tulips don't naturalize. By this time, I wasn't maintaining that area, so grass grew back over it. Every spring, the daffodils come up through the grass and every spring I tell myself that I will dig up the daffodils and put them in a true flower bed amongst my perennials. And every spring the daffodils come up yet again through the grass. Well, maybe this is the year I actually will get them dug up and put where I want them.

As pathetic as my peony bed looks, red leaf buds are starting to form. This is another set of plants that need to be dug up and spread around. I would like to have my peonies scattered among my perennials and not in just one area as they are now. There is a story behind my peonies, too, but I will share it another time.

These daffodils were on the property when we moved, just in a different location. I put them here under a buddlea last year with a sedum ground cover so there will be something interesting when the buddlea has been cut back.

Poor hyacinth. It got stepped on before I realized that it had come up. I hope it will forgive me and continue to produce a beautiful pink fragrant bloom.

You might notice the sunflower seeds among my irises. Right after it snowed several weeks ago, I threw sunflower seeds out in the snow for the birds. I guess the birds didn't find them.

Have a beautiful day!

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