Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Seed packets...

An apology is in order. Yesterday, in my P. S., I announced “the quick response gizmo thingy below” I added for my blog. Well, it is actually called “REACTIONS,” so if you weren’t able to find it, it wasn’t your fault. It is located just below the “Posted by Ruth” label, which is just below my post. One reader commented that there should also be, in addition to “amusing,” “helpful,” and “cute,” an option for “all of the above.” That is just sweet! I guess if you think, “all of the above,” you'll just have to put it in a comment.

Yesterday I was going through a pile of receipts from several months ago and I came across a folded paper towel. Now, lest you think I am totally crazy, let me explain. I have this handy-dandy outside zippered area on my purse into which I put my credit card receipts. And any notes I jot down. And business cards I acquire. And… You get the idea. So, obviously, I just stuck this folded paper towel in with all these other important papers and it got shifted to a different location with everything else. At first I thought I must have used it to wipe away tears at some point and I should just go ahead and put it into the trash pile. Then I started to slowly unfold it. Inside were seeds. Teeny tiny seeds. No, I don’t know what kind of seeds. I don’t even remember collecting them. But they are definitely seeds.

I have this thing about seeds. I love seeds. Seeds are amazing. They hold so much promise. Of beauty. And fragrance. Of food. Of garden dreams come true. And my garden dreams are so much bigger than my reality at the moment. You know that saying regarding, when you get too much food, your eyes being bigger than your stomach? I think there must be some correlation that would work somehow with seed packets. I seem to continually add to the ones I have from previous years. Not to mention the seeds I have saved from plants I have actually grown.

You’ve heard “whoever dies with the most toys, wins,” or something like that. Is there one about “whoever dies with the most seed packets, wins”? I think I could seriously be in the running for that one. Every year there are new seed packets in the stores and in the catalogs and online, with their glorious promises of amazing flowers and yummy vegetable and luscious herbs. And I succumb. The only thing is, although they sell thyme seeds, they don’t sell time seeds.

Have a beautiful day!


Anonymous said...

How about "cool" "so true" "ah, yes" and "thanks!" ?

Anonymous said...

You could make a beautiful collage with all those lovely packets.

~ K ~

Ruth said...

Well, the thing about a collage... the packets STILL have the seeds in them! :)