Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Tell me again why we have winter. Why the ground gets so cold and hard that you can’t work in it if you want to. Why the sun goes away and everything dies and turns shades of brown and grey. Why there are no flowers to cheer me up.

It is so depressing. And please don’t tell me to play with my houseplants in an effort to assuage my desire to be in a garden. That is like offering, oh, I don’t know, a carrot to someone who is craving deep, rich chocolate. It is just cruel. Not that I don’t like houseplants. I do. But it is simply not the same.

Winter is cruel, too, to deprive me of color and consolation. To leave me cold and desolate and longing.

Yes, I have my Johnnies. Without them, I would go completely crazy. But, you know, if left to themselves and not tricked into it, they, too, wouldn’t bloom until spring.

Spring. Ah, spring. Maybe that is why we have winter.

Have a beautiful day!

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