Friday, January 15, 2010

Bloom Day January 2010...

Quite honestly, the only plants that are truly blooming are my beloved, cheerful Johnnies. Maybe that is cheating because if not tricked into blooming in the fall, they wouldn’t bloom until the spring.

But I am so thankful to have them. And they don’t seem to complain about being persuaded to flower throughout the winter for me.

The African violet my sister-in-law brought me at Thanksgiving is still blooming, so I think it is probably o.k. for me to take credit for keeping it going. Although, now that I have said that, it will probably stop blooming and then die.

I am starting to see leaf buds on many of my plants which gives me hope that spring actually will come this year. But there aren’t many flower buds yet. My camellia is one of the ones with flower buds.

{Camellia - I don't know the rest; I've lost the plant tag.}

The buds on this daphne will soon open to their fragrant white blooms.

And you can already see the pink forming on this daphne.

My Purple Rain pansies look a bit bedraggled, but they continue to struggle on. I guess winter is taking its toll on them as it is on me.

It finally warmed up enough that I was able to look into my greenhouse without fear of heat escaping and I was absolutely thrilled to find that everything is doing well. It was such a relief to know that my plants stayed warm enough not to be damaged while it was so cold outside. And I found a tiny pink bud!

One of my pitcher plants has a bud on it. I think that is the bud I am most excited about right now.

But my Johnnies continue to be my favorites as they unabashedly cheer me on through winter.

Have a beautiful day!


Anonymous said...

Hooray for your happy greenhouse plants!! :)


Darla said...

Jonny's and Pansies, what great winter flowers. Mine are struggling right now.....I see promises of spring in your post.

Kate said...

Who wouldn't be thankful for Johnnies? :) They are such darling little flowers. So rowdy in my gardens they sprout up in the middle of the lawn come summertime. (A fine excuse for not mowing that lawn!)

First time visitor. Your pics made me smile. Happy GBBD!

Anonymous said...

I almost bought a little primrose yesterday, because its flowers were so pretty. But then I decided that I should wait and see how well my other plants do before adding any more.

~ K ~