Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Letter to Tony...

Tony, your catalog is pure torture. How can you be so cruel as to dangle so many desirable, enticing, amazing plants in front of one person? What kind of madman are you?

Who wouldn’t want the pleasure of growing Climbing Ferns? Rain lilies? Ground Orchids? Voodoo lilies? And Crocosmia. And Pitcher Plants. And Agapanthus.

And Male Ferns (hmmm). And salvias. And dozens of different Hostas. And Fairy Wings. And… And… And… Yet to have them all is out of my reach. It is agony.

You were generous, though, to add the following advice in the “Guide to Using This Catalog Correctly:” “Before you begin, let us again warn you about the addictive nature of this catalog ... the owners or operators of Plant Delights Nursery have no responsibility for any loss of control, resulting in forfeiture of life savings, job, or family, which may result from viewing this catalog! If you need your catalog sent in a plain brown envelope to hide it from your therapist or spouse, we would be delighted to oblige.”

Nonetheless, I will say that the next time I visit Plant Delights Nursery, I will be bringing the obligatory box of chocolates so that I can continue to drool over your marvelous catalogs.

Have a beautiful day!

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