Sunday, January 10, 2010

My front porch...

Now, I ask you. Would you call this a front porch? A veranda? A loggia? Do you see any stately columns? Any vine-covered pillars? Any stylish railing or fancy fretwork or enchanting arches? There is no comforting ceiling fan. There are no low, wide, double-hung windows looking out onto it. Nor elegant French doors opening out to it. No rocking chairs. Not charming seating areas with tables and glasses of lemonade. Nor mint julep. I cannot believe that I live in the South and have no front porch.

There is plenty of room on the front of the house. Someone could have made a nice-sized, adorable porch. But, no. It looks like an after thought. “Oh, yeah, huh. Maybe we should make an outside door going into the living room.”

I’ve tried. Really, I have tried. There just is not much that can be done. There simply is no room. After all, we’re talking not even 2 ½’ by 6’ here. I have managed to put matching pots on either side of the door. I’ve even put them on stands to make them taller. And I do fill the pots with friendly, seasonally appropriate plants.

O.K., so I am being pretty mean to my poor little alcove. It does its best. And it has made a good back ground for some of my photographs. I do like to sit on it, sans a chair, dreaming of what my garden will one day be. The kitties love to congregate on it, soaking up the warm sun in the winter, and napping in the shade in the summer. But, still, no mint julep. Oh, well.

Have a beautiful day!

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