Monday, January 25, 2010

Be tenacious...

Does a daffodil ever feel like giving up? Does it ever say to itself, “Is it worth the effort? Does anyone even see me? Does anyone care?”

Or what about the poor bulbs in this pile? They were planted in a container and took their time about growing. But the tree roots underneath the pot didn’t. They filled the container.

Then, one day, needing the pot, and thinking the bulbs hadn’t survived, I tipped out the soil filled with tree roots. The next spring, the bulbs came up and have ever since. Did they ever think they should quit?

Does this hyacinth complain about the soil being too shallow in its dish? And being crowded by tree roots? Does it care that it is covered with leaves?

What about these crocuses? Did they feel defeated at some point? The tree roots didn’t stop them. Nor the leaves. They broke holes in the leaves and came straight though them. They even defied the gardener who was too busy to put them in a proper bed. Being tenacious is a good thing; it brings flowers in the spring.

Have a beautiful day.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ruth,

I just read your post this morning about the tenacious bulbs. Soooo, true.

In fact, it was just this morning that I spotted some little bulbs I transplanted, to form a border for my oh so small herb garden off the deck, poking through this morning. Like you, I am really looking forward to seeing them bloom. It is amazing to see what they do with so little attention from us. What an amazing Design!

Hope you have a beautiful day too!

Ruth said...

Hi, M,

Thank you for leaving me a sweet comment! I sure needed that! :)

Anonymous said...

Regarding bulbs: We were at Trader Joe's yesterday. C, who also follows your blog pictures and flower labels, exclaimed as we walked in, "There are Aunt Ruth's little daffodils!!!" (You know, the little tete-d-tete sprouts sticking out of dirt.) She recognized them from one picture! (I can't sit down at the computer without her begging me to "start at the beginning."

What impressions to be leaving on a young mind...

You are loved :)


Ruth said...

I am glad C is enjoying my blog, too! Mine have buds on them so maybe you will see pictures on the blog of them soon.