Thursday, December 31, 2009


Ah, the lovely, lowly Philodendron. Why do I say lowly? It is a very common plant, but I don’t really consider it lowly. It is a wonderful plant because it is so undemanding. It doesn’t need much light, but it will also take a lot of light. (We’re talking indoor light here as it is almost always used as a houseplant.) It will suffer patiently if you forget to water it. It almost seems to like to get a little dry. It actually grows better root-bound. And, if you don’t keep it sodden, it is perfectly content in containers with no drain holes. What more could you ask for in a houseplant?

Did you know there is a flecked variety? Now, before you go rushing off to your local nursery, let me assure you, the flecked variety only shows up in ideal circumstances for it. Like in my bathroom, on the bathroom sink, where teeth get brushed. Light dawning yet? (Disclaimer: I am not the only one using that sink, so don't blame me.)

The vignette sits on my coffee table. I love it. The teapot was my very first piece of blue and white transfer ware. And I have always used it for a plant container. For years and years, in California, it was on my vanity table with a Pothos in it by a window. So beautiful! Here there is not really enough light in my bedroom on the vanity for a plant, so the tea pot, adorned with a philodendron, graces my coffee table.

Have a beautiful day!


Anonymous said...

OK, you've inspired me. I just bought four houseplants: a green philodendron, a red vein fittonia, a golden peperomia, and a delilah fern--all of which are supposed to be easy to grow. Let's see how well I do at keeping them alive. :)

~ K ~

Ruth said...

I'm glad I inspired you! :)