Wednesday, December 2, 2009


When I lived in Southern California, I planted a rose named Sweet Vivian that my dear friend, Carol, gave me in a half oak whiskey barrel that one of my sisters gave me. Underneath the rose, I grew Nemesia. The original ones were deep blue. It may have been the cultivar 'Blue Bird', although I am not positive about that. However, they reseeded themselves and the seedlings grew up to have pale flowers that were incredibly fragrant. So, when I passed the whiskey barrel on the way to the front door, I would be greeted with this wonderful scent. And in California, the Nemesia wouldn't die in the winter. I would cut it back when it got too leggy and it would just continue to grow and reseed.

This year, I grew the cultivar 'Blue Bird' along my "stone" wall and 'Blueberry Sachet' in a pot at the foot of the deck steps. Yes, they look like miniature snapdragons because they are indeed related to snapdragons!

The Nemesia I have grown here in North Carolina hasn't reseeded itself or overwintered. This winter, though, I am planning to put it into my greenhouse and see if it will survive. I think it is such a charming little plant. I like it in pots, I like it in the ground, I like it on my "stone" wall. And I like it that the honey bees like it, too.

Have a beautiful day!

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