Tuesday, December 22, 2009

In the greenhouse...

As I started carrying plants into my wonderful greenhouse the other day, a thought hit me: I need a bigger greenhouse! Then I started looking at the plants I was putting inside. Almost all of them were plants that would be fine outside IF they were in the ground. Even if they were in their pots outside, they would probably make it through the winter here, but it will be a little easier on them in the greenhouse. So, if I had planted my perennials earlier in the year, I would now have more room in my greenhouse. Hhhmmmm.

Now, there are a few that do need to be in the greenhouse. Ones that need a zone 8 or a zone 9 or a zone 10 rather than a zone 7. Take, for example, J’s eucalyptus plant. In Southern California, no problem. Here, even to have it in the greenhouse is an experiment, because I am not sure my greenhouse will keep it warm enough. Then there is a salvia, whose species I can’t recall at the moment. (I know I have the plant tag somewhere.) It is said to be hardy to zone 8 and it will probably survive o.k. in my greenhouse. I sure hope so because I really like its grayish foliage and intense blue (I know, shock) flowers.

There also needs to be more water containers in my greenhouse. The water holds the sun’s energy to help the greenhouse stay a little warmer at night. I don’t have enough gallons so far for my greenhouse, but I am still working on it. Also, some of my containers haven’t yet been painted black, but I was kinda running out of time to get them into the greenhouse before it was getting too cold. Are you seeing a trend here?

Have a beautiful day!

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