Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Green tomatoes...

The other day, before it frosted, K picked what was left of my tomatoes. Most of them were still green and I spread them out on a platter, hoping they might ripen, but somehow I'm not sure they will.

What to do with green tomatoes? I am not the one to ask. I am not even very good about the ripe red ones, although I do make a pretty good tomato sandwich and one summer in California, I canned 40 quarts of tomatoes from 6 tomato plants. That year I used a soaker hose and siphoned water from the “duck pond.” (We lived in the city and the “duck pond” was a child’s wading pool. The ducks loved it and the tomatoes grew very well with the water the ducks had “fertilized.”)

So, back to the here and now. I ended up peeling and chopping some of the green tomatoes and a couple of the redder ones and then simmering them for about ½ an hour to soften them up. After crushing them a little, I added them to the kidney beans that had been cooking all afternoon. I sautéed onions, garlic, celery, and a homegrown jalapeño pepper and put them with the beans and tomatoes. It was a lovely stew for a chilly evening.

And now I know something I can do with green tomatoes!

Have a beautiful day!

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Anonymous said...

Your soup looks so yummy! What a beautiful picture! :)