Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fuzzy slippers...

Do you ever garden in your fuzzy slippers?

After the trauma of having to burn beautiful Madame Alfred Carriere, I was so antsy to get out there and do something positive that yet again I didn’t want to waste time putting on my gardening shoes. So, out I went in my fuzzy slippers. At least the 2nd time I went out to work, I remembered to put on my jacket!

There is a pot that sits on the corner of my deck. It had been partly hidden by the rose and contained the remains of summer that the frost blackened and the weeds that wanted to take over. Out they came to start again for fall, winter and spring. In went adorable Johnnies (Violas) and, of course, Muscari bulbs. Soon there will blooms to enjoy!

Have a beautiful day!

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