Tuesday, December 29, 2009


It is freezing outside. It is muddy. There is still some snow on the ground. All (well, lots, anyway) of the plants are dead. Did I mention that it is cold? This is so depressing. Everything looks so brown and so messy. And so sad.

I am aching to go out and clean up. To remove the lifeless stuff and plant little Johnnies. To make it clean and neat and cheerful again. Unfortunately, it is not a good idea to mess in clay when it is sopping wet. And the poor little violas, to be thrust from their cozy little six-packs into sloppy, chilly soil. I know they would endure it bravely, but I don’t want to put them through that.

I will just have to wait for another day. Not only for the plants’ and soil’s sake, but I have other responsibilities today, so the pleasures of the garden will have to wait for another time. Maybe in a few days things will have dried out a little more and I will be able go out and de-stress in my garden.

Have a beautiful day!

P.S. I have added a link in the Hoya carnosa post to the article about houseplants cleaning the air.

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