Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hoya carnosa...

This was another one of those plants that called to me, like a Siren luring me to danger. Earlier this year there were a couple of them on the plant display at the local grocery store and every time I went in there, I looked at them but I managed to resist and finally they were each sold, so mercifully I could do my grocery shopping a little more comfortably.

But then another one showed up a couple of months ago. And this one was in a smaller pot and therefore had a smaller price, making it even more difficult to just keep on walking. Not too long after that, I read an article about houseplants helping to clean the indoor air and what a benefit it is to have them (which I already knew.) But this time, the waxy leaved plant was mentioned and that was something new to me. Well, that did it. Had to have the Hoya. It now adorns my laundry room.

Just a couple of days after that Hoya came home with me, my sister and I were out shopping and I saw a Hoya with variegated leaves. Oooo! Variegated leaves! But I had just bought a Hoya and really didn’t think I could get away with getting another one. Ugh! The dilemma! Please myself or please the CFO. My sweet sister came to the rescue and made it a gift to me. Thank you! It usually keeps the other Hoya company in the laundry room, but for the week-end I put it in a pot on the table and it looks so beautiful that I wish there was enough light for it so it could just stay there always.

Have a beautiful day!

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Anonymous said...

Are all waxy leaved houseplants beneficial for cleaning the air? We were given a plant that I do not know the name of that has waxy leaves. I would love to think I am contributing to the health of my dear family!