Sunday, December 20, 2009


I fell in love. It was instantaneous, deep, passionate and lasting. It was incredible. I saw my first snowflake. Yes, I have seen snow before – even when living in Southern California. I have seen snow falling, ridden through snow, played in the snow, gone skiing, etc., but I have never before seen an actual, true snowflake.

Friday and Saturday, seven inches of snow fell on our property, which is rare in this area. It was so beautiful to watch it drifting down and to see it accumulate. It piled itself on my flower pots and outlined the lacey designs on the trees and shrubs. It accented the bird tracks and kitty footprints. It showed off the birds looking for seeds in my garden.

But the most amazing thing was seeing a genuine snowflake. It was exquisite, this little bit of breathtaking ice that had tumbled through the atmosphere to steal my heart.

Have a beautiful day!

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