Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Receding snowline...

The snow has been stunningly beautiful. It makes everything so clean and bright and wonderful, with all the clutter and busy-ness hidden away underneath it. I must say, though, it does make things trickier. Like walking across the garden. And backing out of the driveway. But who am I to complain? What is a mere 6 inches?

But now it is slowly disappearing, revealing some of my plants. The little pockets that show up in the snow are charming, like geodes, a window showing a different place. My lamb's ear plant seems to be curled up beneath its blanket, just waiting.

It is good to see the color of my Johnnies and Purple Rain pansies again. Although, when all the whiteness is gone, then I will have to face the grey and dark of winter. Well, except for the Johnnies.

Have a beautiful day!

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