Friday, April 9, 2010

Beautiful day...

"Oh, what a beautiful morning! Oh, what a beautiful day!" It rained last night, washing away the pollen and cleaning the air. Now it is so crisp and fresh and beautiful.

The passing storms also brought cooler weather which is very nice because it was getting too warm too soon. The wind has picked up, but the air is still so wonderful. And more flowers are blooming.

The roses have started and my columbines are blooming. And several more blue flowers that I have yet to tell you about. And these beautiful short irises. (Embarrassingly, this is another plant for which I will have to find the tag and get back to you on the name!) They lived in their nursery container for about 4 years before I got them in the ground and still they are doing fabulously! My kind of flower!

Have a beautiful day!


Lady Collum said...

Beautiful!! I remember the pollen in the poor nose would sting and the cars would turn yellow! I just now saw your post on my blog and realized that it was YOU! Will be visiting your page more regularly. You live in a beautiful area and your garden is just lovely! Marcia

Julie said...

Oh, yes! The weather is lovely! And your beautiful flowers are equally so!

Ruth said...

Hello, Lady Collum! So nice to hear from you! :) I miss you! I'll come see your blog more often, too.

Julie, I am so glad you are enjoying my beautiful flowers! :)