Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Loop de Loop...

Shortly after we moved here, I bought this Iris, along with a number of others, bare-root, in packages, at a box store. Initially, I planted all the Irises in a long row. I was told by a well-meaning neighbor that I was planting them too late to bloom the next year. I didn't mind, though, because I knew they would bloom eventually. And I really couldn't pass up the opportunity for another blue flower.

The next year, that area needed to be used for a different purpose and I feared for my Irises, so I moved them all into sort of a circular bed, where I have enjoyed them for several years. This particular plant, though, I moved again, into a different flower bed. (My goal is to eventually have all the Irises spread through out the garden, not all in one place, as they are now.)

{Iris germanica 'Loop de Loop'}

When I transplanted this one last Fall, it wanted to tip over. I couldn't put more soil on it since Iris don't bloom well if they are planted too deep. So my very clever Idea was to put a rock on its roots to hold it up. My very clever Idea worked and earlier this year I was able to remove the rock as the Iris was standing up perfectly well on its own. And as a "thank-you" for my assistance to it, 'Loop de Loop' has given me this absolutely gorgeous - and fragrant - bloom.

Oh, and I found a cute inhabitant of my garden that you might like to see.

Have a beautiful day!


Jennifer said...

Absolutely love "loop de loop"! I just can't get enough different varieties. I have one early bloom stalk right now with 3 blooming on one stem. I just love the distinct iris perfume don't you? Also lovin' the froggie. It makes me feel good to know I'm creating a mini ecosystem to help all garden pals get along better.

Anonymous said...

That is a gorgeous flower!! And an adorable amphibian. :)

~ K ~