Monday, April 19, 2010

Rhododendrons at UNCC...

I love visiting other gardens. (I love visiting my garden, too, for that matter.) And yesterday I visited, for the first time, the Botanical Gardens at the University of North Carolina Charlotte.

I took lots and lots of pictures, most of which didn't do the subjects of the photographs justice, but I will share some of them just the same.

One large, woodsy area was planted with rhododendrons and azaleas and ferns and low-growing natives and cool, glenny stuff like that.

So, what you are looking at, if you don't know, and if you are indeed looking at the pictures, are some the rhododendrons.

They were incredibly gorgeous. And in some places, their fragrance filled the air. 'Twas so lovely.

Have a beautiful day!


Julie said...

These are so pretty! I really like the first picture with the light shining through the flower.

Daricia said...

ruth, i was at uncc on sunday, too! i had a class there at the greenhouses. the azaleas are amazing right now. i'm glad you got to see them. did you cross the path into the van landingham glen? lots of wildflowers over there and more rhodos. i'm glad you got to go. did you see daniel stowe as well?