Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lady's Slippers...

This time of year, we get a rare, special treat. Native, wild Pink Lady's Slippers bloom in the woods. These are Cypripedium acaule, a type of orchid. In addition to the name Pink Lady's Slippers, they are also sometimes called Moccasin Flower.

The most prolific ones are on the Neighbor to the North's land. There are actually 3 blooms in this picture (one is almost hidden by the log), and, if you look carefully, you can see more of their leaves. This area has a couple other "colonies" of the flowers, too. They must really like it there.

They are truly amazing flowers.

Here are some of the young leaves coming out of the ground on my land. I don't think they will produce a bloom this year, but maybe next year. I like to see the leaves come up each spring because it encourages me that they are still content to live in my forest. There has to be a certain fungus in the soil for them to live on.

This is my one blooming Lady's Slipper. I don't think the other Cypripedium acaule plants in the vicinity are going to bloom this year.

It's color is a little darker than the Neighbor to the North's Lady's Slippers.

These Lady's Slippers are just over the property line to the south. Aren't they charming?

Have a beautiful day!


Julie said...

Oh, these little wild flowers are so lovely! I like wild flowers that grow in fields and forests.

Daricia said...

what a treat to have lady slipper orchids close by! i've only seen those growing in the mountains once or twice. beautiful!

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful. I have never seen one in real life. What a special treat to have so many so close by!