Sunday, April 25, 2010

Star of Bethlehem...

Last Sunday, after I visited the Botanical Gardens at UNC Charlotte, I called upon my brother and sister-in-law. I left her with some cuttings from the plants I had picked up at Trader Joe's and ... (you know, any time I go to any store that might possibly carry any plants, I have to stop to see what plants there might be.) Anyhow, and she gave me a little bulb that grows in her yard, as well as some parsley and some pumpkin seedlings.

I didn't know what the bulb was at the time and it wasn't blooming, but since it now has flowers, I was able to figure out what it is. (Don't you just love learning about new plants?) I believe it is Ornithogalum umbellatum or, which is much easier to say, Star of Bethlehem. I also told my sister-in-law that I had discovered its identity.

She let me know that she had thought that it was the Skunk Flower, er, Spring Star Flower (Ipheion uniflorum) that I blogged about earlier. When I was first trying to find out what the Skunk Flower actually was, Star of Bethlehem was one of my guesses. One way to identify the Star of Bethlehem is by the green stripes underneath its petals. I think they are very charming. Oh, by the way, the Star of Bethlehem is poisonous if ingested, especially the bulbs.

Have a beautiful day!


Anonymous said...

This is one of the most rampant plants I have ever seen. I did not bring any with me to this house because up north it grew everywhere. I liked it, but it got to be a nuisance after awhile. It mixed in with all the other bulbs so that I had to watch whether I was cutting chives or Ornithogalum, for instance. I don't think it went so far as to choke anything else out, but I certainly couldn't get rid of it where I wanted to.
I hope it behaves better in NC!

Ruth said...

jw - hhmmm. I'll have to watch out for that. I did read that it can get invasive.