Wednesday, April 7, 2010

One red tulip...

Lest you begin to think that I have only blue flowers right now, with with a few yellow flowers thrown in for contrast, let me reassure you. I do have this one red tulip. (By the way, my Tulip kaufmanniana has finished blooming.) Just to let you know, none of these photographs show the true color of the one red tulip. The first picture has too much blue tone to it and the others are too orange. It is just a plain red tulip.

But it is there more of its own accord than my plan. I actually did plant it, but that was about 5 years ago. The first fall we were here, I decided I would plant the traditional red tulips , which I never did in California, because it didn't get cold enough for them to do well, unless I put them in fridge first, which I didn't want to do. Anyhow, so I bought a package of red tulips (they were probably Darwin hybrids) and I planted them with a ring of daffodils around them. I read somewhere that the daffodils would deter the squirrels that would like to dig up the tulips to eat them.

That next spring, the red tulips dutifully bloomed. And then that was the end of that, which was what was to be expected. Except... this one tulip plant came up the next year. It didn't bloom, but it has come up every year since and then last year, it had a small bloom. But look at it this year! Pretty cool, huh? So, now you know that I do have more than just blue flowers.

Have a beautiful day!

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Anonymous said...

I think I smile every time I see a tulip blooming. What is it about tulips?