Thursday, April 22, 2010

Chicken coop...

A building project has been going on in the garden this week and I have the blood blisters on my thumb from hitting it, my thumb, as well as the nails, with the hammer to prove my part in the construction. What is this great edifice, you ask? Drum roll, please. It is the chicken house. I designed it and helped to build it and now it is finished. Yipee!

The cute little chickie-dudes, who aren't so little anymore, have been living outside in a pen by day and then back into their cage in the living room by night. Needless to say, it has been getting a little cramped for them in their cage. But they have been very good little girls and have not complained. You should see them run and jump, though, when I open their door in the morning!

Anyhow, now they have a lovely, lovely home in which to live. I think they were a little unsure about the perch I built for them. But they'll figure it out.

I sat out in the chicken house with them for awhile after I moved them in to make sure they wouldn't be scared. ("Aawww. How sweet.") After they looked around some, they sat on my lap for quite some time. I finally had to stretch out my legs but they still wanted to stay with me. They are very warm and soft. I had no idea when I bought them that I would enjoy them so much.

Have a beautiful day!


Anonymous said...

Your chickies are blessed to have such a caring "mother." :)

~ K ~

Anonymous said...

Nice job! Have you gotten straw yet? Did you make nesting boxes? How do you get in? Are you screening it in, especially the top, to keep out predators?



Julie said...

Aw! How sweet! :)

Ruth said...

My chickies seemed fine this morning! :) All three were perched on the bottom rung of their "ladder." When I got the last one off to take her outside, she decided she just wanted to sit down on my hand! It is the sweetest thing! Yes, I'm gushing.

jw - I haven't built the nesting boxes yet. They are only 2 months old so I don't think they are ready to lay yet. I put wood chips on the floor. The top is already screened in. I think - I hope! - it is predator-safe! I tried to make it so. I get in by the door. In the picture, it is on the left end.

I have yet to make a "yard" for them around their house, so they are still in the pen they are usually in.

Anonymous said...

Wood chips make sense, since you have so many!
I was worried for them because I couldn't see the screen, so I am glad it is there! (We had a chicken holocaust once because there was an open hole by which coons got in.)
No they are not ready to lay yet, but don't forget! They will be laying by September, which comes faster every year. ;-)
I know you won't forget. I cannot believe how much you get done!

Ruth said...

jw - thanks for your comments and your concern for my little chickies! :) I think maybe a little mouse or a small snake could get in, but I don't think there are any spaces bigger than about an inch and there aren't too many of those. Kirstin has had chickens for several years here and we brought our ducks with us, and, so far, VERY thankfully, nothing has gotten them. But I do worry about my little chickies every night when I close their door. And then I take a deep breath. :) I'll let you know when I get the nesting boxes built. :) Do you think the wood chips are o.k. on the floor or should I get straw? Kirstin's chicken coop just has a bare floor. Her chickens were already grown when we got them.

sweet bay said...

They are adorable. My husband's grandparents had Bantam crosses. The neighbors have let their dozen or more Guineas loose. If they actually eat any of the fire ants or Japanese Beetles they are very welcome; they can get a little loud when they all start cackling.

Anonymous said...

I think I would use the wood chips since you have them. But I would prefer straw because it would break down faster when it went into the compost. You've also got it already for the nests that way...although they lay on bare ground if they have to, it just seems more traditional-homey to have a straw nest.

Ruth said...

Sweet bay - thanks for stopping by! :) I know chickens eat Japanese beetles so maybe the Guineas will, too.

jw - I'll see about getting some straw because the wood chips aren't very soft. :) Besides, I want to make paths with the chips. :)