Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bad idea...

O.K., so I had been considering not putting any flowers on the back deck for the Winter. What was I thinking??? There is no way I could have made it through the dark and dreary months without some cheerful little Johnnies out there.

I realized this after I had cleared away the Summer pots. It left the spot much too desolate. Really, I have no idea how I came to believe that it would be acceptable not to plant flowers there.

I would love to have gobs of pots here and masses and masses of flowers, but just this one will indeed get me through the Winter. I spray-painted the container several years ago and I think the yellow Violas look very pretty against the blue.

Have a beautiful day!


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Anonymous said...

What a cheerful little spot! I love the blue planter!

~ A.K. ~