Monday, November 8, 2010

It has begun...

Cold has started to creep into my garden. Not much yet, only in the most exposed areas and to the tenderest of plants. It reached the Impatiens by the fern.

And some of the Salvia coccinea have started turning brown. Although, obviously a Praying Mantis didn't realize that this might not be a lasting place to leave her egg case. Or maybe she knew I would protect it for her.

The vines on the deck railing have blackened and I will cut them down in the next few days, as I have time. Ha! I should say, as I make time. I show you these pictures, not for beauty, but just for the record.

However, lest Cold think it will win, I am prepared. I, too, have begun... planting Johnnies.

Have a beautiful day!


Anne said...

Hooray for Johnnies!! May they bring you sunshine and warmth even during the cold, dark days! :)

sweetbay said...

Your johnnies are so charming. I never remember to get those into the ground before it gets cold.