Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Glowing trees...

I think the Fall colors here this year are prettier than they have been the past few years. Right now the trees are absolutely glowing.

The humidity has been really low the past few days and it feels strange to me. I think that's interesting because when I lived in California, the humidity was almost always low and that was what was comfortable to me.

But now, the low humidity is, well, I won't say uncomfortable, but I guess I am definitely more used to the humidity of the South.

The Fall trees - and the calendar - make me think of Thanksgiving. It's coming very soon and I am looking forward to seeing my family.

I haven't planted my new babies yet, but I did put some more Johnnies - yellow ones - in the front porch containers today. I am sure you'll see more of them as other plants fade away.

I love the way the yellow tree looks against the blue sky. I think blue and yellow is such a wonderful combination.

This line of trees grows along the road I live on, but not a part of the road I drive down to get to my house. Aren't these trees gorgeous?

Have a beautiful day!

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Anne said...

Very beautiful!!!!