Sunday, November 7, 2010

My new babies...

I have some new plants, which I always find exciting, but these are a little different than my "usual" ones.

When I was at the Fair, picking up Kirstin's and Julie's items, I saw a flier advertising the County's 4-H 2010 Fall Plant Sale. Well, a plant sale... What more is there to say?

The plants available were berries and figs and grapes and apples. What made it especially important for me, not only were varieties being offered at a good price, but they were ones that would do well in this particular area.

So, I placed my order and last week I went to pick up my babies at the County Agricultural Center.

My bounty includes Blueberries, Blackberries, Muscadine Grapes, Fig Trees, and Apple Trees. Whew! Now I have to get planting!

Oh, and here are my other "babies." They are getting fluffy for winter.

Have a beautiful day!


Anne said...

That is soooo exciting!!!! :)

Anonymous said...


I was amazed to learn this year that our mutual friends in WV have a fig tree. They give it winter protection. I had never thought I would like raw figs until I tasted one of these. Wow. You will be a very good friend in a few years...not that you aren't now!!

sweetbay said...

I think you got the mother lode of fruit trees and plants. They look great!

Anonymous said...

Very nice!!

~ K ~