Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The next generation...

You know, I usually think of Fall as time when everything is shutting down for the Winter. Annuals are dying and many perennials are going into hibernation.

{heirloom Purple Ruffles Basil}

I'm only partially right about that, though. Many plants are also preparing for the next generation.


This is not only a season of ending but of beginning as well. Plants are dropping the seeds that will sprout in the Spring to bring next year's beauty.

Although most appear somewhat dreary, I love the great promise that lies within seeds.

{Garlic Chives}

Did you know that roses form seeds, too?

{'Ballerina' rose hips}

Most seeds I just let handle their futures themselves.

{Wild Aster}

These Morning Glory seeds, however, I have collected to share with a couple of friends.

Have a beautiful day!

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Anne said...

I was thinking about your blue morning glories yesterday, and smiling. :)